Dedicated Server

In this digital age, the website of any organisation is not merely used for providing information, getting revenue or conversion is becoming more important. How do you ensure that your website resides in a safe zone and is not affected by other neighbour’s website as in the case of shared hosting?

The answer is to invest in a dedicated server as this physical server houses only a single tenant, and it can be used to host multiple websites from the same company, making use of the memory and processor resources within the system. Since it is not shared with others, your website will be guaranteed of high performance, email stability, control and security.

The benefits of iWV Dedicated Servers:

Servers are hosted in secure data centres.

Round-the-clock support, management and monitoring of your servers.

iWV Managed Security and Backup Services.

The network features built-in redundancy, ensuring high availability

Dedicated account management and technical support teams.

Guaranteed of high performance, email stability, control and security

iWV Dedicated Servers provide a secure environment for your applications, and a scalable platform that can be easily upgraded and monitored. Your applications run on exclusive servers, providing higher reliability. Simply let us know your computing resources required and let us manage the hardware, operating systems and network connectivity.

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