Many unforeseen circumstances can happen to your organisation’s data. They can be attacked by virus or malicious programs, be exploited by external vulnerabilities or breach of data can happen when important data is being leaked out. Watch the video below to understand more.

Have you been leaking out your data unknowingly?

According to the EMC Global Data Protection Index 20161, 33% of businesses have suffered data loss in the last 12 months and this is estimated to have cost Singapore companies some US$1.3 million.

Most of the breaches are caused by employees’ negligence and this can be as simple as sending a wrong email to an external party.

iWV is dedicated to help our customers enforce their data security through the suite of solutions we offer. End point data security solutions include anti-malware, host intrusion detection and prevention, host firewall, integrity monitoring and log inspection.

In terms of data leak prevention or data loss protection, we can help you ensure data security in 3 areas – data at rest, data in use and data in motion. Watch the video to see how iWV can do for you.


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